I've been involved in living history re-enactment
since 1995, mostly based at Fort de Chartres
(near Prairie du Rocher, Illinois).  When I first
began participating in the hobby I portrayed a
Canadienne habitant, but in 2005 I asked my
friend Rusty Hicks about adding some Metis
influence to my persona.  He said, "You really
should try porcupine quill embroidery".  I thought
about it a lot that weekend and decided to do
some research and experiment with the art form
when I got home.
That same weekend in June I met Bruce Horne
and in August Bruce introduced me to Chuck
Edwards, who is well known in living history circles
for his fine quillwork.  Chuck very kindly gave me a
lesson and I've been doing quillwork ever since.
I still go to Fort de Chartres but now I travel
throughout the midwest as well, demonstrating
quillwork technique and selling my pieces at living
history events.