I got the modern piece done and entered into a show.  I'll post a pic of
it here soon.  I find out on August 2nd if I get in or not.  
      I've been working on leather and dye.  All the hides are scraped and all
but one have been brained and are now leather.  I have one in the freezer
that I brained for a second time to soften it just a bit and there are two
waiting to be smoked and walnut dyed.  The one that I attempted wet
scraping turned out fine when I dry scraped it. (NOTE: if you wet scrape
use sodium hydroxide, which is can be found at janitorial supply stores and
is a cleaning aid and probably works, NOT calcium hydroxide, which is a
fertilizer and found at hardware stores and does NOT work!  At least not
for me.  Live and learn...)  Lon found the hide that I thought an animal had
carried off.  It was behind his work bench outside and was none the worse
for wear.  It had been scraped and dried and was just fine.  
      One of the guys I met at de Chartres this year sent me some
bloodroot.  I tried making dye from it but I guess it wasn't strong enough.  
Another guy called this past week and said he'd send me more and I can
try it again, which will be great.  We'll see how it goes.
      Ok, I have a deal for you.  Until August 1, 2009, I will offer everything
on my website (except small pouches) at a 10% discount AND free
shipping, insurance, and Paypal.  If you're interested in buying something
e-mail or call me, mention this offer, and we can work out the details.
      I've got pickles to make so I need to run, but I'll be back here sooner
or later with an update.